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Reports & Tracking Drilling For Fun and Profit: see who opened, who clicked in real time.

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  • Real-Time Impact

    Mad Mimi provides the details that really count. Delve deep into your campaign statistics to find out what works and track your success in the real world, in real time. Drill down to see which recipients took action and follow along as your impact grows.

  • Watch Your Success Unfold

    Hit the send button and Mad Mimi starts tracking immediately. Watch your subscribers relate and react to your campaign. We'll tell you who opened it, who clicked which links and who forwarded your promotion on to friends. While tracking unsubscribes and bounced emails, Mad Mimi also re-organizes your lists appropriately, removing the hassle and saving you time.

  • Drilling For Fun and Profit

    From the big picture to the important details, Mad Mimi lets you drill down to see the full activity for each subscriber. Want even more? You'll be able to see which subscribers clicked which links for every promotion you sent to them. Sign in to your Google Analytics account for goal conversion tracking and ROI.

  • Pretty Pausible

    From our attractive pie charts to targeted individual information, you'll know exactly how your customers interact with your gorgeous promotions in a clear, concise and easy to follow flow. Mad Mimi tracks everything in style which makes it a pleasure to sign in and watch the progress. You'll stop following football and start following your campaigns. Go Team!