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Amol Amol Sarva Co-founder of Virgin Mobile

The People A pinch of sass, a dollop of rebellion. Mimi's out to change the way email is marketed.

Fearless Leaders

  • Gary2

    Gary Levitt

    Gary, Mad Mimi’s founder and CEO, was born on a remote farm in South Africa. He went to school with Nelson Mandela's grandchildren, had a career as a pro skateboarder, and earned a degree in music from Berklee College of Music (he plays a mean bass). Gary lives in Jerusalem with his wife and kids.

  • Dean2

    Dean Levitt

    Dean serves as Mad Mimi’s Chief of Culture. Once upon a time, he worked in advertising, music supervision, sound engineering, and bartending (where he gained valuable insight into human nature). Dean lives in Honolulu, and when he’s offline, he loves to practice yoga, surf, and run marathons.

  • Marc


    Marc has been writing software since age ten (about 28,000 years ago in internet time), when his grandfather gave him a Commodore 64. He’s passionate about the programming community and organizes Rubyfuza. As Mad Mimi’s CTO, he takes a hands-on approach to leading the development team.

  • Terry


    Terry is an INTJ who tries hard not to believe everything she thinks. Her first PC cost more than her car (and didn't have a bite missing). Terry loves music, books, family game nights, farmers markets, and train rides through Alaska. One of Mimi's first customers, she’s now CFO and resident elder.


  • Chris_s


    Christopher is an ex-yoga teacher with a coffee issue who loves tackling big problems (and all of these qualities make him a great member of the Mad Mimi development team). He's passionate about community and hosts several local user groups in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • Dalibor


    Dalibor is a software engineer who works on Mimi’s email-delivery infrastructure and stats-tracking systems. He strives to continuously improve things and write clean code. When not busy with Mimi, he plays basketball and organizes a local Ruby users group and Coderetreat events in Skopje, Macedonia.

  • Emma


    With a background in business writing, product development, and—oddly enough—sports coaching, Emma loves punchy words and uphill battles. When she’s not working on marketing, partnerships, and content development for Mimi (dream job!), she relishes long runs and dance parties with her kids.

  • Hannes


    Hannes is a systems administrator turned developer who was rescued from the MS world to the land of Ruby, unicorns and, rainbows. Hannes says if you don't use Vim, you're doing it wrong! (Non-techies shrug their shoulders here). Hannes is a huge music fan who listens to just about everything.

  • Jeff


    As a developer, Jeff has worn many hats at Mad Mimi. Lately, he’s been working on some super-secret projects. When not geeking out, Jeff spends his time trimming his beard, smooching on his wife, and running after his two wee kids. He and his family recently relocated to the Indianapolis area.

  • Sascha


    Sascha, Mad Mimi’s Head of Design, lives in Cologne, Germany, with his fiancé Anja. An avid football fan, he’s a club member of "German giants" FC Bayern Munich and enjoys playing casual games with friends, too. He also likes to kick back with a glass of Spanish red wine and a good movie or a great record.

  • Shawn


    Shawn joined the Mad Mimi team as a developer in 2011. He’s a self-proclaimed collector of hobbies who possesses an unusual fascination with anything that blinks or beeps. He lives in South Dakota and dreams of expanding the definition of working remotely by hitting the road in a sweet RV.

  • Sruli


    Sruli was an aspiring musician before entering the world of computer programming. He enjoys the challenge, discipline, and creativity of writing software, all of which he experiences working at Mad Mimi. His coworkers concur that Sruli is an all-around friendly and chill guy!

  • Susan


    Susan considers herself an all-around geek, musician, and cook. While Susan's background is in the culinary arts, she also loves computers, math, and problem-solving. When she's not working in Mimi-Land, she likes to settle in with some good web comics or do some experimenting in the kitchen.

Community Therapists

  • Aaron


    Connoisseur of fine suits, purveyor of aged wines, scholar of obscure history—these words have never been used to describe Aaron. But as part of Mad Mimi’s customer support team, he does know a thing or two about email. While he can’t sink a jump shot or safely use a razor, he’s here for you.

  • Angelina


    Angelina has been chatting, writing, and designing with Mimi since 2012. Born and raised in California, she’s now loving life in Austin, TX. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and being outside with her pup Zander. Angelina thinks peanut butter is essential and has a mild obsession with goats.

  • Becca


    Becca is a big fan of vinyl, live theater, and other analog entertainment. But when she's not roaming Brooklyn in search of a great pinball machine, she adores the digital world. Becca is something of a social media maven (and an email addict), making her pleased as punch to be on the Mimi team.

  • Celeste


    An English major and “word nerd,” Celeste enjoys freelance writing and runs the blog Organic Mommy Today. She has written for brands like, Pampers, Disney, Universal Studios Orlando, and many more. Her latest and most exciting role is Community Therapist at Mad Mimi!

  • Dustin


    By day, Dustin is a mild-mannered email delivery specialist. By night, he likes to write and record pop and zombie music. He’s performed as a drummer in shows from Kyrgyzstan to La-La Land. Dustin attended the same music college as Gary and Dean, so Mimi's company parties rock pretty hard.

  • Eddie


    Eddie lives in Austin, TX, where he’s a PhD student at the University of Texas. Among his favorite things on Earth are breakfast tacos, watching movies, tropical vacations, and hiking throughout the hill country of Texas! Eddie is part of Mad Mimi’s world-famous customer support team.

  • Eric


    Hailing from the frozen lands of Minnesota, Eric is one of your friendly email deliverability specialists. When he's not Mimi-ing, he's usually working behind the scenes at local theaters, traveling, or enjoying the great outdoors. Email issues, beware! Eric and friends are always on the case.

  • James_gt


    James describes himself as a pretty crazy guy—in all the best ways, of course. Like many of his Mimi brethren, he’s a musician at heart, and he likes to play at (and organize) cool music events around South Africa. At Mad Mimi, he channels his passion for technology into helping users rock their email marketing.

  • Kate


    Kate is a Chicago native living in South Africa. She holds the distinction of being the only Meep married to a Zimbabwean. She laughs easily and is a natural at rooting for and communicating on behalf of Mad Mimi. Kate also reports that she reads a ton of blogs, misses her mom, and wants justice for all!

  • Macdara


    Macdara hails from Galway, Ireland. A former rower, he now fills that void by eating Mexican food and chilling with his son, Cillian. He also digs travel, new people, and forensic psychology. He has a background in microbiology and stem cell research and loves his current work at Mad Mimi.

  • Mira


    Mira loves excellent beers, peeling labels off anything, and the Oxford comma. When she's not hopping between her many ports of call, she practices yoga, juggling, poetry, and impressing her sister. She came to Mimi from the world of design and dreams of being deputized by an elite detective agency.

  • Rylan


    Rylan spends his days helping Mad Mimi's lovely users with their email and is always happy to whip up a custom email banner or two. In his spare time, you can find him perfecting his kombucha brew, tinkering with Photoshop, and dabbling in landscape and nature photography.

  • Sally


    Sally joined the Mimi team in 2010. She divides her time between writing content for the site, crunching numbers, and helping users discover their love for the email medium. When Sally isn’t online, she likes to be very offline: stargazing, pizza-eating, and embracing the urban wilds.

  • Sandy


    Sandy lives in Texas but doesn’t wear a cowboy hat or ride horses as transportation. She has a slightly neurotic (but unapologetic) love for her two Boxers, Jaxyn and Max. Sandy’s favorite things about Mad Mimi? Working with ridiculously cool coworkers and helping make customers’ lives easier.

  • Themba


    Themba lives in Cape Town, South Africa. While he’s crazy about all things technology, he doesn’t claim to be a bonafide geek. When he’s not helping Mad Mimi’s users master the art of simple and beautiful email marketing, he loves listening to music, dancing, and laughing. Fun, anyone?

  • Victoria


    Victoria is a community therapist and designer — if you need a banner, she's your girl! She’s also a music-loving writer who likes to skateboard, take photos, sell band merch, and study forensic science and astrophysics. Lastly (and not the least), she’s a fan of AFC Wimbledon and Manchester United.

  • Yael


    Yael is a former histologist, banker, and beach bum. Now she’s loving life in Jerusalem, where she’s learning to cook Middle Eastern delicacies. She also jumps at any chance to tour and explore the country. Yael helps with Mad Mimi’s billing and HR and has been part of the team since 2009.

  • Yitzi


    Yitzi is a Mad Mimi community therapist with a master’s degree in actual counseling. He appreciates the finer things in life, from wine and scotch to bowling and BBQs. He likes to exercise his culinary muscles and host friends old and new. He’s also been known to unwind with some quality TV.

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